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I am a Front-End Architect and Back-End Developer who strives to marry the love of Web Designing. Currently, I'm undergrad at VIT University Vellore.

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A dedicated Web & Android Developer and am very passionate about UI/UX designing, and enjoy designing logos, posters and infographics. Currently I have got a few IoT projects on my to do list and look forward to pursue them relentlessly. I am a proud alumnus of DPS Bokaro & having experienced life at Kota I could say I have had quite a journey. Presently, I'm an undergrad student at VIT University Vellore.

Well this is what it is on the professional front, numbers and figures stacked up. But let me throw light on what makes me.

This section isn't about me going ga-ga over my achievements. It is about how the journey so far has shaped me to a person I am today. It is about all the bits and bytes that make me. Yes I am a tech geek but with a difference! An equal interest in Art, Culture and Music. I wish to see the world as if everything is a miracle. Firstly, I am grateful for the tiny treasure I have in my life - a roof on my head, a safe environment, a sustainable future, the right to education and opportunities to extract the best out of it, few but faithful friends and I hope to give back to society by doing my job as an IT professional.

Throughout the years I have moulded myself to fight fear with hope, arrogance with confidence, thoughts with actions, actions with response and pessimism with optimism. I have a deep abiding love for learning, building and designing things. I consistently set short-term goals for myself. Then, once I’ve defined the benchmarks, I take necessary steps to achieve those milestones. Being tireless seeker of knowledge, I always look at where I can improve and strive for perfection in things which I do. I enjoy my ongoing tasks and multitasking. I always keep an eye on my target.

My father has always been the Larry Summers to my inner Sheryl Sandberg, the iron pillar in my life. It was him who told me to raise my words and not my voice, who not only encouraged me to stand up and speak but also expected me to sit quietly and listen. And who made this silent timid boy into the one you see in front of you today. And he is confident and ready to take on the world that awaits.

I love to interact with people and share whatever little I know about my subjects and quite often can be found blogging on Quora and Medium.

When I am not coding I can often be found on the field playing badminton or lost in the healing world of music. Ping me, nothing brings me more joy than being able to connect with new people and to expand my network.

Always happy to help!

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My Alma Mater

Work of Responsiblity

  • Full Stack Web Devleopment
  • UI & UX Designing
  • Android App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing & Branding

Certifications & Internships

  Summer training in PHP by RCPL India
  Oracle Certification for Oracle Work Force Development Programme in Java
  Internship in Android App Development at RCPL Kolkata
  Adobe Certification for Graphics Designing by Arena Animations Bangalore
  Certificate of appreciation by CodeChef for conducting workshop on Digital Footprint
  Coursera Certification for Machine Learning

Online Profiles

Being a Code-Blooded guy, I quite often cook codes online. GitHub ( vinitshahdeo) is my favorite place for social coding.

 me on 

Blogging is my favoirte pastime.

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My Skills

I am a Full Stack web Developer. My Key Skills include :


Front End Development

HTML 100%
CSS/CSS3 90%
jQuery 60%
Javascript 85%

Back End Development

PHP 90%
Node.JS 75%

Programming Languages

C 80%
C++ 100%
Java 70%
Python 60%
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My Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

  • Easy LMS

  • Online Library Management System : An interactive website to manage everything associated with library in efficient way. Developed using :

  • Remote Compiler

  • A remote compiler using HackerRank API. Technologies used :

  • Recruitment Portal

  • A web portal to conduct MCQs exam for the recruitments in VinnovateIT. Developed using :

  • Job Tweets

  • This project is about crawling the twitter for finidng job opportunites in present time. Technologies used :

     Sentiment Analysis
  • Smart Baggage Tracker

  • A smart device to reduce the mishandling of Baggages using GSM Module.
    Developed using :

     Android Studio

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What I can do for you

  • Full Stack Web Devleopment
  • UI & UX Designing
  • Android App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing & Branding

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Nothing brings me more happiness than being able to connect with new people. Always happy to help. Email is the best way to reach me.



  L-737, Men's Hostel, VIT Vellore-632014